Monday, February 28, 2011

Time to buy some black shoes

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

Time to get some shopping done after your class tests.
Here are some of the pictures of the court shoes that you can get.
You will have to get by this weekend.

Next week is your rehearsal and performance for celebrations @SST.
Rehearsals are on Tues and Thurs, will keep you updated on Wednesday.

Best place to get BATA.
If you have more Ang Pow Money from CNY, you may try Everbest or Hush Puppies.
If your shoes size is the same as your siblings or parents, do borrow from them. Do save up your $$$.

I have 1 pair of size 7 shoes, I can lend to one lady.

Ladies, please get your own stockings according to your skin tone.
Gentlemen, you will have to get black socks.

some sample of black shoes
Don't need to buy buy the same design.
As long as it is black any design will do.

Gentlemen these are not for you.

Presenting the sample of ladies court shoes
Sample 1
Sample 2

Sample 3

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