Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Concert by Kevin Loh @Esplanade

Hi Guitarists,

Before we go for this concert.
Please reflect and think what is the appropriate decorum for concert viewing.

Please click on the comment to give your inputs.

Thank you.


  1. 1)Should not talk and make a lot of noise at the concert
    2)Should not eat at the concert hall
    3)Should not sleep at the concert hall
    4)Should not play at the concert hall
    5)Should sit down and view the concert quietly throughout

  2. The appropriate decorum :

    1. We should not make a lot of noise there, and attract unwanted attention
    2. We should follow all the rules and regulations while we are there, for example, no photography, no eating etc.
    3. We should not distract the audience.

  3. Thank you guitarists from Guitar 2 and Guitar 3. What happened to the guitarists in Guitar 1??Hmm..... Let's see which section able to add on more comments about the appropriate decorum. Let's see which section members finish commenting.

  4. 1. Do not speak too loudly
    2. Silent phones before entering the concert hall
    3. Do not criticise the performer
    4. Do not throw litter anyhow

  5. 1. NO noise.
    2. NO litter.
    3. NO handphones should be ringing.
    4. NO food.
    5. NO criticising of the performer.
    6. DO NOT make SST's name down.
    7. NO sleeping.
    8. NO laughing.
    9. NO distractions to the audience.
    10. NO fidgeting.

    THAT is what we should be (Really? I think some are exaggerated).

  6. 1. No noise at all.
    2. No food and/or drinks should be consumed at the concert hall.
    3. No unnecessary movement ie. Fidgeting, playing and getting out of your seat.
    4. Respect the performer. No criticizing should be made.
    5. All handphones and electronic devices should be off.
    6. No sleeping.

  7. Not bad!
    On the score board.

    Guitar 1 - 2 comments
    Guitar 2 - 1 comment
    Guitar 3 - 2 comments

    Someone told me that she visited the guitar blog everyday......hmm when is your share of the decorum ???

  8. 1) no sleeping
    2) no talking loudly on the phone
    3) phones switched to silent mode
    4) no screaming/shouting
    5) no actions that can potentially distract the audience/performer.

  9. 1) No sleeping
    2) Switch phone to silent mode
    3) No making unwanted noise or attract unwanted attention
    4) Do not distract others
    5) Have fun enjoying the concert (:

  10. 1) Whisper if necessary
    2) Keep phone on silent mode
    3) Do not disturb others watching the concert
    4) Abide by the rules of the concert

  11. No
    - Sleeping
    - Eating
    - Drinking
    - Phone calling
    - Talking
    - Criticizing

    - Watching attentively
    - Handphones switched off/in silent mode
    - Upholding the name of SST!

  12. Well done! Guitar 1 to date you have the highest comment rate.