Thursday, January 6, 2011

SYF Rehearsal

Hi Guitarists,

Please keep your 15 March 2011 9am to 230pm free, We will be going for our SYF Rehearsal on this date. Please try not to go overseas on this day of your March holiday as it is very difficult to secure this slot and it will be a good stage playing experience for you.

Food will be provided on that day before we leave, our rehearsal time slot 11am to 1pm is at Republic Polytechnic. This is also the venue for SYF 2011.
Two-Way Transportation will be provide.
I will brief you on the programme flow when the date draws nearer.
Consent form will be given to you on the last week of Feb.

Thank you.


  1. May I ask if the children could go directly to RP if they are staying near RP? And if they could go home directly from RP (instead of taking the transport back to SST) after the rehearsal?

  2. Hi
    Sorry for the late reply.
    The students will have to come back to school, as they will need to go through the process of tuning and getting ready for the rehearsal as a ensemble.
    Thank you.